A battery box for safe charging!

RedBlack is a batterycharging cabinet constructed to satisfy high demands on safe charging of batteries.

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 A battery box 
 loads of smart functions 

Very spacious
The charging box has enough room for one or more chargers which enables you to charge multiple batteries at once. The charging space is 108x55x45cm which allows up to six car-batteries of normal size to fit at once. The transparent hatch prevents any potential gases from leaking out of the box and inside the charging space the batteries are placed on grooves to make the batteries easy to handle. Additionally, the battery box comes with plastic hangers for unused charging clamps.

Safe and smart
The box is CE-marked and has a complete electrical central with control lights, residual-current circuit breakers and an automatic fuse for safe and simple use. The charging box comes with hose clamps and a soft sleeve coupling made of PVC to be connected to a ventilation system. The diameter of the sleeve coupling is 110 mm for connection to a corrosion-proof ventilation pipe. The box is also equipped with adjustable feet to simplify installation.


Spacious battery box with transparent hatch that prevents the spread of gases in the vicinity.
Hangers for unused clamps. The current is interrupted if the hatch is opened.
Shelves collect any potential acidic waste and grooves ensure the batteries are easily handled.
The lower storage space is also ventilated. Adjustable feet. Stable and safe.
Electrical central with 3 channels, all with micro-switches.
Sleeve coupling for connection to 110 mm ventilation system.

The charging point must be well ventilated.
The air change shall be so large that it is prevented to the extent possible
explosive mixture of hydrogen and air occurs.

From Arbetarskyddsstyrelsens kungörelse
AFS 1988:4 §9


When charging batteries hydrogen- and oxygen-gas is formed, which is a highly flammable and explosive combination. In accordance with the work environment act it is the duty of the employer to maintain a safe work environment. The charging and service of batteries is to be performed in a specific location which is well-ventilated to avoid flammable and toxic gases.

RedBlack has a buildt in channel ventilator to vent hazardous gases. Batteries can only be charged if the safety hatch is shut and the electricity to the box is turned on. Connection or removal of charging clamps is only possible when the hatch is open and the flow of electricity is interrupted.

RedBlack is tested by Intertek Semko AB and CE-marked.

The charging-space is well vented and protected by a transparent hatch.

Acid resistant
All the material in the charging-space is acid resistant.

A micro-switch will automatically interrupt the charging process if the hatch is opened.

Easy to handle
The grooves collect any potentially overflowing battery-acid.

 Technical specifications 

• External measurements 115 x 66 x140 cm. Charging-space 108 x 55 x 45 cm.

• Tested by Intertek Semko AB  and CE-marked.

• Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Acid resistant and self-extinguishing.

• Electrical central with control lights, residual-current circuit breaker and automatic fuse.

• Delivered unassembled in corrugated cardboard. All electrical components are connected.

• One-year warranty.

• Redblack batterybox is produced by PTC Plastic Technology Composites AB.
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 About us 

Redblack battery charging units are manufactured by PTC Plastic Technology Composites AB in Skellefteå, Sweden, a long-standing company with the ambition to develop existing and new products together with it´s customers.

We work with customers who ask for composite details such as car details, hoods, housings, hatches etc. that we produce with our closed manufacturing techniques; vacuum injection, RTM and pressing.

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PTC Plastic Technology Composites AB
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RedBlack battery charging cabinets by

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